SENCHTM needles are a cinch to thread!
    Patent # US 8,151,720 B2, Canada 2,755,302, pending in Europe
SENCHTM needles is a division of PST Innovations LLC, and Spiral Eye Needles.

SENCH needles are just
getting into stores.

Hobby Lobby carries them in
the Needle Arts department

Wholesale available through the
following distributors:

Brewers Sewing and Quilting
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United Notions
How to thread a side threading needle
Hold the point of the needle in your
non-dominant hand.
Place a loop of thread over the
middle of the needle.
Pull the loop snug to the
opening of the eye.
Pull the loop of thread into the
eye. You are ready to sew!
How to thread a needle pictures
SENCH side threading needle eye
Spiral Eye Needle Logo
Side threading needles are:

Easy to thread.

Stay threaded.

Won't shred your thread.
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Pam Turner invented the side threading needle
because she couldn't tread a needle
to put a button on a shirt.
SENCH needles are made from nickel plated steel
and have a golden eye.

They come in a set of 6 needles for general
mending,like hems or putting a button on a shirt.
They are also good for  multiple strands of floss
when doing embroidery work.

The golden eye is there to help us with vision
challenges to know which end has the eye in it.
Pam Turner, inventor of the side threading needle
SENCH  Side threading needles
SENCHTM side threading needles

Pam Turner's original version of the
side threading needle is called the
Spiral Eye
(R)  Needle.

They come in a variety of sizes and types
of needles and all are made from
Surgical grade stainless steel so they are


Spiral Eye needles are only available on her

2 Spiral Eye side threading needles